Gallery & Gear


Tube-Tech, Maselec, Roger Foote, Manley, Bedini, B&W, along with a selection of custom built, one off, EQ’s, compressors, monitoring amplifiers, clocks, and converters. Also a custom selection of modified Lavry Golds, Fred Forssell, and Antelope converters and clocks.


I normally only put a maximum of two pieces of analogue gear in the chain at any one time, in order to keep the signal path as clean and uncluttered as possible, however, if a mix is very sterile sounding and has obviously been put down solely “In The Box” I can add a pair of vintage Neve, Lundahl, or Manley output transformers, or maybe some tube processing to help bring it to life and give it some vibe. I’ll just use whatever suits the music the best.