Mixes can be supplied as Wav or Aiff, at 24 bit, at the sample rate that the session was recorded in. Please make sure, where possible, that these are indeed the final mixes.

MP3’s and AAC’s are definitely not suitable for mastering!

Subtle mix bus compression can be used to taste but try not to use any digital limiting and try to keep any track up or bus clipping to an absolute minimum.

Don’t try to get them to CD release, volume level before sending them for mastering, as this will leave me very little headroom to work with.

Perfect peak levels for delivered mixes would be anything from between -3dB to -0.5dB.

Also, don’t worry too much at the mixing stage if the overall volume levels of each track, vary slightly. I will even them out when I master them.

Mixes can be delivered via WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar. Email address to use is


Aside from the actual mixes, I will also be needing the following info:

  • Artist Name
  • Album or EP Title
  • Running Order
  • Full Track Titles
  • ISRC Codes (If you have them)